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25mm Heavy Duty Universal Radial Drill Machine

Our Drill are well known machines, which have a sturdy built and is designed for both production and Toolroom jobs. The machine cover various range of operations like Drilling, Reaming, Tapping, Lapping, Boring & Counter Boring & Counter Boring in cast iron, steel and other materials.

Specification in MM
Capacity 25mm
Drilling Capacity in Solid
In Steel having 600 Mpa Tensile Strengh 25mm
In Cast Iron having 180BHN 32mm
Tapping Capacity
Metric Threads up to size [MM] 20mm
Any Other Threads [Inch] 3/4 & 13/16" Fine Pitch
Boring in Steel
Boring in Steel 50mm
Drilling in Head
Taper in Spindle - [Nose] MT - 3
Spindle travels - [Auto/Manual] 250mm
Spindle Diameter at Front Bearing 44mm
RAM Diameter 65mm
No. of Spindle Speeds/Range 8/85 - 1880 RPM
No. of Auto Feeds [Rev./mm.] Fine Feed
Rapid Feeds
Travel of Rail - [Vertical] 725mm
Travel of Drilling Head - [Horizontal] 330mm Manual
Power Supply 415V, 3 PHASE, 50Hz
Drilling Head Two Speed Motor 1HP, 1440 RPM
Arm Elevating Motor 0.5HP, 1440 RPM
Coolant Pump -
Working Range
Drilling Radius Max 700/300
Distance between Base Plate to Spindle Min/Max [Spindle Retracted] 125/900
Distance From Column Face to Spindle Min/Max 330/670
Max Drilling Head Traverse 330MM
Column Sleeve Diameter 140mm
Vertical Traverse of Arm [Auto] 725mm
Rotation of Arm [Both Side] 0-180 Deg.
Height 1620mm
Base Plate
Working surface [L x W] 510 X 600
Overall size 960 X 620 X 140 [R x S x Q]
No. of T – Slots & Nominal size 3/16
Weight with Standard Accessories[APPROX] Net/Cross 500Kg
'V' Belt Section of Spindle Drive Motor B' 47
'V' Belt Section of Arm Elivater Motor A' 24
Space Required by Machine [L x W x H ]
Space Required 1000 X 1400 X 1700
Box Table Size [L x H x W ]
Box Table Size 300 X 210 X 210