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Mechanical Under Crank Shearing

Under Crank Shearing Machine is suited for cutting to size general purpose unalloyed steel. Structural steel sheets up to 4mm thickness with high productivity. Each machine, designed to the most accurate of efficiency, offers outstanding operational performance dimensional accuracy telling on high output and dependability.

Frame Construction:Guillotine shearing fabricated from Is-226 Grade. Rolled steel plates. Table cutting Beam are deeply reinforced and fines machine after stress reliving. The interlocked design put the direct support to frame. Thus frames are strain free and eliminate welds at load supports. Thus the accuracy of the machine is never disturbed.

BED: Super strong bed of closed box type construction. Stress relieved in a furnace. Forms a rigid backbone for the shear and a solid backing for the lower knife. Dovetail slots in front of the bed are provided for front gauge. Slots on top of bed are also provided for machined pad across the bed for convenient setting of front gauge brackets at any desired spacing. Depressions in the top of the bed provide ample clearance for fingers in handling sheets narrower than the bed.

Upper Beam: Ram is also of solid steel plate, carrying the upper Knife. Their minimum weights ensure lesser load on the bearings. The upper beam moves in flat heat treated steel guide plates to avoid deflection, for smooth running and maintain the accurate straightness of the upper knife.

Hold-Down Mechanism: Solid clamping by powerful spring loaded hold down is one of the reasons for accuracy in our shears. Heavy uniform pressure is applied along the full length of the work piece, preventing slippage regardless of variations in thickness. Hold down pressure is easily adjustable for clamping soft material. Different thickness of material can be cut without further adjustment with consistently accurate and burr free results.

Rolling Key Clutch: Made of alloy steel for positive engagement and continuous operation having three key ways. Single rolling key system rolling key system is incorporated in the machine ensuring easy and efficient working of the machine.

Shear Knives: Knives are manufactured strictly as per standard material of HCHCr/OHNS. Every step from designing metallurgical specification, heat treatment, Grinding and inspection is carefully controlled. The blades are standardized and are easily replaced.

Accurate Gauging: The rigid and accurate construction of the back gauge provided with the machine allows consistency in the width of sheets being cut.

Lubrication: Single shot lubricator provides oil to all the lubrication points, where necessary.

Drive: Drive is through V-Belts on flywheel and a reduction gears are made of steel, hob cut for smooth and longer life.