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Press Break Machine

Press Brake Machines are designed taking in to consideration all severe service conditions of sheet metal shop. The machine are heavy duty robust in design and acclaimed recognition in requiring high accuracy productivity & efficiency.

Frame Construction: Frame in made of steel fabricated construction of interlocked robust design. Machines are constructed with safeguards against undesired deflections and breakage. The frame distributes the stresses, supporting the bed directly on the frame. The double support shoe of frame gap provides extremely high rigidity, alignment, accuracy and keeps frame structure at right angles to the bed.

Ram & Bed: Ram and bed are straight and parallel of both the working surface under the rated load. The bed is accurately machined and upper surface is grinded to keep the die in correct alignment. The ram is guided and supported throughout the stroke by accurately machined guide ways.

Lubrication System: The lubrication system on a machine is an assurance for its trouble free running. The bearing parts are linked with high density polythene pipe – line spread at every point where lubrication is required.

Clutch and Brake: Press brake are provided with high-torque low-inertia friction clutch, synchronized with heavy duty. The powerful disc type clutch is easily accessible, simple to adjust and picks the load from standing start and it frequent start & stop. The brake is interlocked with clutch to stop the ram immediately at any point of motion. When the clutch is released. Clutch operating levers are designed in such a way that minimum engaging force is required at the pedal.

Drive System: Power is transmitted to the ram through two individual gear drives for uniform load distribution throughout the length. This also reduces the torsion stresses on the eccentric shaft. Electric motor used is of sufficient H.P. which reduces slowdown of flywheel and increases energy available per stroke. The gear and pinion are made out of carbon steel.

Ram Adjustment Mechanism: Motorized ram adjustment making it very easy to adjust the shut height to a desired value. The clutch offered easy operation in disconnecting either of Right or left screws in order to set the ram in correct position. This mechanism facilitates quick bending angle adjustment. Angular ram adjustment is made simple by incorporating a spring loaded dog clutch.